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There’s soon to be a great big season from the BBC which is celebrating sound and soundtracks in film and about which I am very excited. It also means more fun stuff to curate.

For other events about film music, but that aren’t to do with this particular ‘Sound of Cinema’ series, see Film music events (which are mostly but not exclusively happening in London) for talks and performances.

Below is what I’ve found while searching through the listings and I’ve added people’s Twitter profiles at the end.

Hashtag: #BBCSoundofCinema
Media pack: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/sound-of-cinema.pdf and press release

Note: 8 Sep 2013
As I’m going to be updating this significantly over the next few days and weeks I thought I might as well publish what I have so far, so this is a bit incomplete! I don’t have transmission (TX) times for many of the programmes (information comes from the media pack and searches on various BBC microsites) but there’s enough information to help people find stuff even when TX details come online.

* New additions are marked with a blue asterisk *
Ones in orange are those I’ve not found listings for yet, though they’re mentioned here possibly they’re just actual concerts that will be recorded and broadcast later though ‘live’ kind of suggests a certain contemporaneousness…

35mm soundtracks

Worth visiting the comment on the original Flickr page to find out exactly what these different soundtracks are http://www.flickr.com/photos/41002268@N03/7305256324/

By date

WEEK 36: Saturday 31 August – Friday 6 September

  • Thursday 5 September – BFI hosted a preview of episode one of Neil Brand‘s new series The Sound of Cinema, with a Q&A with Neil and series producer John Das.

WEEK 37: Saturday 7 – Friday 13 September

  • Thursday 12 September – Neil Brand’s The Sound of Cinema, episode one: ‘The Big Score’ on orchestral sound, 9pm, BBC Four – detailed programme information: “In a series celebrating the art of the cinema soundtrack, the heart of a BBC-wide season playing on radio as well as TV, Neil Brand explores the work of the great movie composers, and demonstrates their techniques. Neil begins by looking at how the classic orchestral film score emerged and why it’s still going strong today.  Neil traces how in the 1930s, European-born composers such as Max Steiner and Erich Wolfgang Korngold brought their Viennese training to play in stirring, romantic scores for Hollywood masterpieces like King Kong and The Adventures of Robin Hood. But it took a home-grown American talent, Bernard Herrmann, to bring a darker, more modern sound to some of cinema’s finest films, with his scores for Citizen Kane, Psycho and Taxi Driver.  Among those Neil meets are leading film-makers and composers who discuss their work, including Martin Scorsese and Hans Zimmer, composer of blockbusters like Gladiator and Inception.
  • Friday 13 September –  4.30pm, In Tune: Neil Brand and The Tippett Quartet, BFI (free, need to get tickets though), Bernard Herrmann’s spooky scores – BBC Radio 3: “BBC Radio 3’s drive-time programme In Tune, presented by Sean Rafferty, will be broadcast live from the BFI Southbank on Friday September 13th, a suitably foreboding date to discuss all things Gothic and to kick off a wider focus on film music this autumn. Pianist Neil Brand will take up his regular place at the BFI Southbank piano to elucidate on how some of the spookiest scores in cinema have worked, and The Tippett Quartet will be performing music by the master of unsettling strings Bernard Herrmann. This Gothic In Tune is part of a wider BBC season exploring Film Music this autumn.
  • Friday 13 SeptemberProms on Four: The Film Music Prom (Prom 65), 7.30pm BBC Four: “This promising concert from 31 August has been withheld a couple of weeks to tie in with BBC4 and Radio 3’s joint Sound of Cinema season. Hosted by musician Neil Brand, renowned as a silent-movie accompanist, it conjures up an era of stiff upper lips with excerpts from British film scores: Ice Cold in Alex, Battle of Britain and Lady Caroline Lamb. The tone then shifts into the realms of sci-fi blockbuster with the Strauss and Ligeti pieces used in 2001: a Space Odyssey; closing title music from Alien and Independence Day; John Williams’s Star Wars suite; and the UK premiere of Michael Giacchino’s suite from the latest Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. | Keith Lockhart leads the BBC Concert Orchestra in a selection of excerpts from film scores at the Royal Albert Hall. Performances include John Williams’ Star Wars theme, David Arnold’s music for Independence Day’s closing titles and Walton’s original score for Battle of Britain. Plus, a world premiere of a Michael Giacchino suite from the recent release Star Trek: Into Darkness. Presented by Neil Brand.

WEEK 38: Saturday 14 – Friday 20 September

  • Saturday 14 SeptemberSound of Cinema Special with David Arnold and Matt Berry, with Edith Bowman – the last hour will have people talking about soundtracks, BBC Radio 6 Music, 10am-1pm: “Composer David Arnold, responsible for scoring 5 Bond movies, Sherlock, and Independence Day no less, joins Edith for a ‘Sound Of Cinema’ special. Comedian and musician Matt Berry joins in the chat too ahead of David’s 6 Music Playlist show on Sunday. Plus loads of great tunes from the best soundtracks ever!
    Edit: 17 Sep – this was great and I hope people hearing the Sunday programme didn’t miss this one too as there’s lots of interesting information in it – you can listen again for a few  
         more days here or here’s the iTunes link which I presume is more permanent.
  • * Saturday 14 SeptemberSaturday Night at the Movies with Howard Goodall, 5-7pm. Not part of the BBC’s series, this is a regular Saturday early-evening programme and available to listen again for about a week afterwards.
  • Sunday 15 SeptemberHans Zimmer on the Sound of Cinema, with Mary Ann Hobbs, BBC Radio 6 Music, 7am-10am: “Mary Anne celebrates the Sound Of Cinema by asking Hans Zimmer: How Important is the Soundtrack to a Movie?
  • Sunday 15 SeptemberThe Sound of Cinema, with David Arnold, BBC Radio 6 Music, 12pm-1pm: “Launching 6 Music’s Sound of Cinema series, part of the pan-BBC season of the same name, film composer David Arnold takes a trip to the movies and plays music from the big screen.David Arnold is best known for scoring a series of James Bond movies, as well as films such as Independance Day, Godzilla and BBC TV series’ Little Britain and Sherlock. In this one hour special, David is off to the cinema with actor and comedian Matt Berry – renowned for his deep voice and appearances in shows such as The IT Crowd and The Mightly Boosh.
    Edit: 17 Sep – you can listen again to this audio loveliness, but make sure you also listen to the previous day’s programme too – both are fab.
  • Sunday 15 SeptemberMark Kermode – Live in Concert (film music from BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra)
  • Monday 16 September – Don Letts’ Sound of Cinema special, midnight-2am (ie, very late on Sunday night and Monday morning) BBC Radio 6 Music: “The BBC’s Sound of Cinema season celebrates the great movie soundtracks. The season features a major BBC Four series and programmes across BBC radio. 6 Music will be supporting the season over the next few weeks with some special shows. Don Letts has been directing films since 1978, when he made The Punk Rock Movie using footage of bands he’d gathered on a Super 8 camera. He went on to direct videos for The Clash, Bob Marley and others. He has also directed many TV documentaries on music and popular culture, as well as feature films including Dancehall Queen. In his band Big Audio Dynamite, Don was a pioneer of sampling clips of film dialogue to enhance songs. As part of the Sound of Cinema season Don presents a special programme featuring some of his favourite movie soundtrack moments and sharing some of his ideas about the role that music plays in film.
  • Monday 16 September – Guide to Film Music – Neil Brand’s presenting a series of Monday morning programmes from 11am, BBC Radio 3, part of Sarah Walker: Sound of Cinema.
  • Monday 16 September – Music for the Talkies (ep 1 of 5, Golden Age of Hollywood) 12pm, BBC Radio 3: “Donald Macleod explores the soundtrack of The Golden Age of Hollywood, in the company of conductor and film music expert, John Wilson.
  • Monday 16 September – Mark Kermode – Live in Concert (film music from BBC Concert Orchestra), BBC Radio 3
  • Tuesday 17 September – Mark Kermode – Live in Concert (film music from BBC Philharmonic Orchestra), BBC Radio 3
  • Wednesday 18 September – Mark Kermode – Live in Concert (film music from BBC National Orchestra of Wales), BBC Radio 3
  • Thursday 19 September – Neil Brand’s The Sound of Cinema, episode two (Pop Goes the Soundtrack) 9pm – detailed programme information

WEEK 39: Saturday 21 – Friday 27 September

  • Saturday 21 September – Between the Ears: Ken Hollings and Radiophonic Workshop, BBC Radio 3
  • Sunday 22 September – A R Rahman on music in Indian cinema, BBC Radio 3
  • Sunday 22 SeptemberThe Sound of Cinema with Cillian Murphy, BBC Radio 6 Music, 12pm: “Continuing 6 Music’s Sound Of Cinema season, actor Cillian Murphy selects some of his favourite musical moments from the big screen. Irish film star Cillian has appeared in movies such as 28 Days Later, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. He began his performing career as a musician, and recently appeared in the video for the track Hold Me Forever by Money. He currently stars as Tommy Shelby in the epic gangster drama Peaky Blinders on BBC Two.
  • Monday 23 September – not part of the BBC’s series but chances are people reading will like this sort of thing though! 7pm, BAFTA conversations with screen composers: George Fenton, Royal Albert Hall, and Dario Marianelli’s talking in November there too.
  • * Tuesday 24 September – Silent Film with Mark Kermode, 10pm, BBC Radio 2: When cinema became the entertainment of choice in the 1910s and 1920s, thousands of musicians were employed to provide the accompaniment to the films. Simple piano pieces were developed to convey the thoughts and emotions of the actors. As cinema developed, full orchestras were used, and scores began to be developed, borrowed and improvised from classical music and later, jazz.  The programme features interviews with silent film pianist Neil Brand, film composer Carl Davis, Timothy Brock, who restored the soundtracks to the Chaplin movies, which Chaplin himself composed, Ludovic Bource, Oscar-winning composer for The Artist, and Jean Darling, one of the few surviving child stars of the silent era.
  • Thursday 26 September – Neil Brand’s The Sound of Cinema, episode three (New Frontiers) 9pm – detailed programme information

WEEK 40: Saturday 28 – Friday 4 October

  • Sunday 29 September – The story of hip-hop in the movies, 9pm, BBC Radio 1Xtra


  • Monday 16 January 2014 (and for four weeks) – BBC Asian Network, Tommy Sandhu interviews Asian celebrities about their favourite soundtracks

Stuff for which I don’t know date yet

Listen again – Proms Plus Literary, BBC Radio 3

  • Music and Cinema – Matthew Sweet, Debbie Wiseman and David Benedict in conversation, recorded at the Royal College of Music before Prom 59 (‘Rhapsody’ film music of Hollywood): “From the very first days of silent film to the contemporary CGI blockbuster, music has always played a crucial role in cinema, guiding the audience throught the story, keeping their attention, fixing time and place. The film composer Debbie Wiseman and critic David Benedict discuss with Matthew Sweet the ways in which movie makers have created mood with music.
  • The Sound of Outer Space – Matthew Sweet and composers Anna Meredith and Miguel Mera before Prom 65, film music: “Capturing the sound of dark matter, comets and distant planets is one of the toughest tasks a film composer can face. Matthew Sweet talks to composers Anna Meredith and Miguel Mera about the ways in which film composers have met the challenge.

Twitter profiles etc of those involved

By programme strand – not sure if I’ll update this version of the series!

  • BBC Four’s The Sound of Cinema – Neil Brand’s three part seriesBBC Radio 3 – Sound of Cinema season on Radio 3 BBC Radio 6 Music
    • Episode One – preview at the BFI on 5 September
    • Episode One – (‘The Big Score’ on orchestral sound) Thursday 12 September, 9pm, BBC Four
    • Episode Two – (‘Pop goes the soundtrack’ on rock and pop) Thursday 19 September, 9pm, BBC Four
    • Episode Three – (‘New frontiers’ on electronic soundtracks) Thursday 26 September, 9pm, BBC Four
  • BBC Radio 6 Music

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