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Because I work in the vicinity of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London I occasionally get emails telling me about cool events that are happening on my doorstep and this is one of them. Since it included the happy phrase “please feel free to advertise through our channels outside QM” I have done so, below 🙂

All the acronyms are explained below, I had to look some of them up myself. You’ll need to get in touch with Ben Bengler (who sent the email below) if you want to go to the event as it’s nothing to do with me, and he can probably help you get into the building – you’ll find his email address in the ‘about’ section of his website http://www.benbengler.com/

“Performance Lab” – a combined performance and talk of Enrico Bertelli on Wednesday 23rd October 4pm in QMUL’s performance lab.

Enrico Bertolli playing

Enrico Bertelli playing

As a joint event of C4DM’s ISaM and QM’s MAT program, the main idea of “Performance Lab” is to bring in practitioners and performers using various technologies in their music and arts practice. Our guests will performance for us before giving practice-based insights in their work and creative use of technology.

Performance Labs are considered as an open, inspirational and rather casual event series for interested members of staff, students and non-QMs’/EECS are warmly welcome.

Performance Lab 1:
Enrico Bertelli plays Drumatica
Oct 23rd, 4pm in EECS’ Performance Lab (access via G2 next to Engineering building foyer)

Enrico Bertelli (www.enricobertelli.co.uk), a professional percussionist with academic background, will perform with his augmented percussion setup Drumactica. It is based on an augmented snare drum using conductive ink, the leap motion camera, and other peculiar things like a ‘water piano’ in an ice cube tray – and there is some real drumming on top of things. After the performance Enrico will give a hands-on talk on his setup & the used technology.

Artists notes:
This performance is the result of an autobiographical reflection on the design and performance practice of an augmented hybrid instrument. Created with a MakeyMakey board, its core design principle is to substitute the complex, synthetic appearance of a MIDI drum kit with a visually appealing arrangement of small commonplace objects. The snare’s head is drawn with conductive ink and, well rested at the top of the instrument, lies a LeapMotion for that extra expressiveness.

The instrument’s palette is expanded by the performer’s addition of imaginary instruments. Undefined in shape and freely hanging in space, they provide the audience with indeterminate performative elements open for interpretation in the sonic performance. The instrument’s simple, recognisable construction narrows the distance between performer and audience, while highlighting the fascinating action-reaction element of live performance.

Acronym buster
C4DM – Centre for Digital Music
EECS – School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
ISaM – Interactional Sound and Music
MAT – Media and Arts Technology
QM – Queen Mary (University of London)


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