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Now that the iPlayer site is displaying the sad little ‘no longer available to watch’ information for Neil Brand’s ‘Sound of Cinema’ series I was pleased to discover that someone’s uploaded episodes one and two to YouTube. Sadly episode three doesn’t appear to be there, presumably some clips / copyright issue.

I’m a bit on the fence about condoning this sort of thing. Clearly I want to watch them again, and I assume (perhaps wrongly) that people in the US will be able to see them whereas they probably couldn’t on iPlayer (without using Virtual Private Networks and other forms of sneakery). If the BBC has plans to produce DVDs of the series (hope so) then I’d be less in favour as that just provides a free version which might discourage people from paying. Equally, presumably no-one who permitted clips to be used is getting a great deal of benefit from this re-use. I have often wondered why YouTube doesn’t implement a tip jar, but I suppose that would involve an awful lot of work in distributing funds so that’s probably why, and perhaps no-one would donate.

Anyway – woohoo! Enjoy these fantastic programmes, episode one and episode two. Further down is the Radio 3 programme from the series ‘Composing for Hollywood’ in which Jonathan Coffey interviews some Hollywood composers, acknowledging the darker side of things too (plagiarism, interference from the money people, the perennial problem of people in different departments speaking a different language, how much value studios place on original compositions).

The Sound of Cinema: The music that made the movies – Episode One: The Big Score (Neil Brand, BBC4)

The Sound of Cinema: The Music that Made the Movies – Episode Two: Pop Goes The Soundtrack (Neil Brand, BBC4)

The Sound of Cinema: Composing for Hollywood (Jonathan Coffey, Radio 3, audio only)




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