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I’m currently hoovering up the back catalogue of a journal which is all about music in film: Music, Sound and the Moving Image. Luckily I work in an academic institution so can access the content fairly easily but I highly recommend emailing authors to get copies of papers they’ve written.

This one is by Dr Miguel Mera – I heard him speak at a recorded BBC Radio 3 panel event at the Royal College of Music during the Prom season, so it was nice to come across his paper here.

Miguel Mera (2009) Invention/Re-invention Music, Sound, and the Moving Image, Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring, pp. 1-20

In the snippet below he’s referencing another paper by Karen Collins, but the different perspective on the Terminator films made me smile.

“Karen Collins discusses the sonic aesthetic of the first two Terminator films, finding that recurrent elements (the use of Phrygian and Aeolian modes, low bass sounds, urban signifiers, and the use of metallic percussion) help reinforce narrative and plot symmetry. However, Collins excludes Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines from her analysis ‘due to its differences from the first two interlinked films’ (2004: 165).”

Karen Collins (2004) ‘“I’ll be back”: Recurrent sonic motifs in James Cameron’s Terminator films’ in Philip Hayward (ed.) Off The Planet: Music, Sound and Science Fiction Cinema, London: John Libbey, 165–75.

See also, from the same paper but posted on my main blog “Nice things said in an academic journal article about David Arnold’s scores for James Bond – quite right too“.

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