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Gosh this is delightful. Twitter chum Paul (@bitoclass) has discovered a couple of pages in a PDF from a user manual for an Electrolux freezer product. It has cartoon pictures of the freezer in use and accompanying text to highlight the sound it should be making, alongside pictures of other things making similar sounds for comparison. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Anyone know of other examples in which the sounds of domestic appliances are discussed in the user manual?

I once rented a single room in a house as a student and I had a small fridge in my room (not those mini ‘beer fridges’, it was a decent-sized thing). It used to make the most wonderful sounds at random points and would sometimes wake me up while doing so but I never minded as the sounds were so pleasant and relaxing. You might also like Alice Bell’s post on How the refrigerator got its hum and a post on my main blog about Sounds in the urban environment that aren’t intended to give information, but do anyway.

Here’s a picture, click it to go to the full PDF (picture on p19-20).

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 22.29.26