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by @JoBrodie, soundnoticeboard.wordpress.com

Kapow by Teakster on deviantART

This is a rather nice accompaniment to Comic books pt 1: Musical Instruments of Antiquity as Illustrated in The Adventures of Asterix the Gaul – what are your “Favourite Comic Book Sound Effects?

Obviously comic books have to write out sound effects, and illustrators and writers have created a huge and flexible vocabulary for calling certain sounds to mind. It’s pretty clear from this forum thread that the posters are rather enjoying gathering up their favourite comic book sound effects:

” I tend to love odd ‘sound effects’. Read a comic (don’t remember the name) and the sound effect for a ripping shirt was indeed ‘shirt.'”

“X-Men fan here, so SNIKT and BAMF have always been a few of my favorites.
I also really like the little mechanical sound effects like~
ZKT and ZMMMM for electrical clicks and hummings”

I’d never heard of Saxton Hale before but had a good giggle at the example included on the comic book sound effects thread.

You might also like the ‘dogs edition‘ of “The Hotspur“, a parish church magazine, which “includes a glossary of barking as a foreign language, listing woef (Afrikaans), bup, bup (Catalan), boj (Esperanto), guau guau (Spanish), baf-baf (Ukrainian) and wau wau (Vietnamese).” (Source: The Journal, 2009).