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Fantastic speakers listed so far include Chris Watson, Nick Ryan, Tim Exile and Martyn Harries with more to follow.

This two-day event on innovation in sound production and broadcast will feature talks by inspirational artists, producers and engineers, and demonstrations of state-of-the-art audio technology. It will be an opportunity for radio and TV producers, engineers and technologists to discover how audio content is made today and discuss what it will be like in the future.


  • Creative – finding and creating content in the digital age
  • Responsive – audio tailored for the listener and by the listener
  • Immersive – creating engaging aural experiences
  • Live – capturing large-scale live events


There will be talks in the morning and afternoon from invited speakers on each of the above themes. During lunch and between the sessions, there will be a large technology fair to explore and a wide selection of demonstrations of the latest sound technology.

There will also be a Technology Fair (and a dinner). The first stage is to register an interest in the dialogue box on the bottom of the event’s page.

Should you want to add this to some sort of online calendar hopefully this will work: 19-20 May 2015, BBC Broadcasting House, W1A 1AA