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CfP means ‘call for papers’ or ‘call for participants’ and appears in a sizeable proportion of the emails I receive to my academic email account.

Image from page 162 of "Natural philosophy. including statics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, dynamics, hydrodynamics, the general theory of undulations, the science of sound, the mechanical theory of music, etc. : designed for the use of normal and grammar sc

Picture above is actually more of visualisation of sound (‘acoustic pictures’). Here’s more about ‘Chladni plates‘.

Special Issue on Data sonification and sound design in interactive systems

International Journal of Human Computer Studies

special issue: Sound and interactivity

“In our everyday environment, interactions between objects, human beings and their environments often produce sounds, which are then used by people (sometimes unconsciously) to experience the world and learn about it.

Sound design is the process of creating new functional and meaningful sounds for objects or systems. Sonification is a particular type of sound design that aims at representing data sets with sound.

Given the intrinsic temporal nature of sound, both sound design and sonification are well suited to be integrated in interactive systems.

Sound design and sonification are emerging and interdisciplinary fields of research looking at how we can take advantage of our natural ability to learn and understand an interactive system through sound.

This special issue aims to present a set of high-quality, high-impact, original research results in sonification and sound design in interactive systems and related areas.

Papers illustrating new research directions, innovative approaches, full evaluations of methods and empirical experiences based on pedagogical, artistic or industrial projects are welcome.

Depending on the application, effective sound design and sonification can lead to additional benefits including the potential for pro-environmental behaviour change and improvements in health and well-being. We particularly welcome papers on two application domains, health and the environment, however high quality papers in other application domains will also be considered.”

Journal website: http://ees.elsevier.com/ijhcs/