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tl;dr “…explanations of why some individuals play [musically-speaking] well together, while others do not.”

Image from page 251 of "Modern music and musicians : [Encyclopedic]" (1918)

Distinguished Lecture Seminar – Prof Caroline Palmer  17 Nov 2014
“Several group behaviours such as conversational speech, dance, or ensemble music performance demonstrate individuals’ ability to coordinate their actions with others on a fine timescale. There has recently been a surge of research examining the basic mechanisms of perception and action that support group coordination. These theories distinguish between spontaneous forms of coordination, as when people begin to coordinate their walking stride, from intentional forms, such as clapping to a partner’s beat.

Theories of temporal coordination typically draw a sharp distinction between these forms in terms of separate, non-overlapping mechanisms. I will present studies of temporal coordination among musicians to suggest instead that spontaneous and intentional forms of coordination interact; spontaneous forms of coordination influence individuals’ ability to intentionally coordinate with others.

Theorizing about spontaneous and intentional forms of coordination together offers explanations of why some individuals play well together, while others do not.”

Caroline Palmer is Professor of Psychology at McGill University, where she holds the Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuropsychology of Performance.

More information and Caroline Palmer’s bio at: http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/events/view/distinguished-seminar-lecture-musicians-playing-well-together-caroline-palm

When & Where: 3pm, Monday 17th November 2014, Room 3.01 Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms (pre-event tea at 2.45pm & post-event reception in the Informatics Hub)

How do I get in the building?
Come to Stepney Green tube station and turn left.
The event takes place at 3pm in room 3.01 in the Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms building (which is on Bancroft Rd, off Mile End Road). Before the event (at 2.45pm) there’s tea in the Informatics Hub and that’s also the location of the post-talk reception. There’s a stair entrance into the Computer Science building in Godward Square (reception is on the third floor and they can let you through to the hub) or a lift entrance on Bancroft Road which takes you to room 3.01. Both hub and 3.01 are at opposite ends of a corridor and someone will need to let you through from one to the other but you can get to the event room without a card.