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Rachel Portman

The soundtrack to Emma, by Rachel Portman, is a lovely thing (she also did Chocolat and a whole bunch of other films) and sets the tone beautifully and playfully – she won an Academy Award (Oscar) for it. Here’s the opening theme – I couldn’t find a video showing the full opening sequence which is enchanting, probably the film production company’s / -ies’ lawyers have had a word with YouTube. Fair enough I suppose 🙂

1. Studio version

2. Orchestra playing the piece live at a concert

3. The Dance, from Emma soundtrack, as seen (heard) in the film. I think this is an example of a diegetic switch in which the music changes from being ‘in story’ (as heard by the characters, diegetic) to becoming ‘external soundtrack’ (non-diegetic, not part of the story). I think it’s brilliant and it happens at ~2m14s.

4. Rachel Portman interviewed by Tommy Pearson about her work in composing for film

Anne Dudley

The theme from Jeeves and Wooster heralded joy (when the programme began) and distress (when it ended). Just brilliant.

1. The theme from Jeeves and Wooster – it also features a couple of times in the film Mickey Blue Eyes

2. The theme (at 7m 37s) reworked to sound delightfully Vaughn Williams-ish, at least I think that’s who it is. Love this.

Anne Dudley was also in the Art of Noise and has worked with Marc Almond and a whole bunch of people. She won an Oscar for her music on the film The Full Monty.

While I’m listening to Jeeves and Wooster stuff let’s also have Hugh Laurie singing, and playing on piano, the fantastic ‘Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors’ by Leslie Sarony.