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Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.09.41“The SCHOOL of NOISE workshops are designed to encourage young people to explore noise, sound and music in creative, enjoyable and educational ways.

Run by a collective of musicians, sound artists and noise enthusiasts the SCHOOL of NOISE aims to make the fascinating world of experimental and electronic music increasingly accessible to young people. There is no need to have any musical experience to come along and participate in the workshop.

At the festival we will be creating a piece of music together using a range of sound making and sculpting equipment including beatboxing flowers and a choir of singing apples.”

THE MIGRATION PAVILION (number 9 on the site map)
12:30 – 2:30 PM
£2 entry for kids and big kids – please bring cash on the day

Also on Saturday 1 August in the same place, they’re showing Start Trek IV: The Voyage Home – which features an interesting manipulation of a sound recording of whales, so is fairly relevant to this blog 🙂

Here’s the full Shuffle Festival Programme. Reduced price tickets for residents of E3.

Lewisham / Blackheath / North Greenwich people – the 108 bus goes to Bow Interchange (Bus stop T, Stop ID: 72145) which is probably about a twenty minute walk to the venue (depending on how fast you walk!).