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Happy new year! 🙂 I took the ferry to Greenwich today and walked along the pavement above the foreshore to the very convenient (and still open at ~4pm!) Waitrose. The tide was very high at that point, so much so that the walk off the ferry and up the pier was on a flat surface and it’s usually a bit of an incline. The tide was also hitting the walled walkway area en route to Waitrose with sufficient force to spray the pavement, which I’d not seen before.

There’s a strange little fenced off shingle beach area from which I’ve taken a few sound recordings in the past but I think today’s is the best one. The tide flushed up along the shingle and stones and in receding dragged back across the top all the tiny little fragments, which make the most lovely shimmering tinkly sound – one of my favourite sounds. It’s quite similar to the sound of someone playing with or turning over broken crockery. My previous recordings have never quite got the full effect and you can hear an earlier one below – the sound is there but it’s not as easy to hear against the other sounds.

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