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Thanks to this video I came across a collection of websites where you can listen in to audio ‘webcam’ versions of sounds coming in from various radio antenna. On some it’s conversations, on others weird and wonderful sounds. I don’t really understand what I’ve been looking at or listening to but heres a recording I made of one – it’s quite a pleasingly unearthly sound.

1.  http://www.160m.net/ – it says my browser doesn’t support downloads… but it did.

Screenshot 2017-12-09 16.38.52.png


2.  http://remoteradio.changeip.org:8073/

This one let me hear the Chiltern aviation beacon which signals the letters C, H and T (forever) in Morse code. Heard it one night on a detuned radio at home at my parents’ house a few years ago and have been a bit obsessed with tracking it ever since.

Screenshot 2017-12-09 17.06.40.png

The above recording is pretty much as it sounded at my parents. In the one below I pressed the button saying ‘CW-narrow’ and that cleaned it up quite a bit, but also I think it changed the pitch..(!)