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A recording made of the Queen Mary 2 ship’s whistles (they call them whistles but they sound like horns to me) at 11:59AM (ship’s time) on Friday 15 June 2018, from the observation point on deck 11.

The first four sounds are individual blasts from whistles located at various points around the ship, the final is all whistles at once. It was quite loud.

Recorded using the iPhone 5S voice memo, dead space at start and end trimmed off.

I was quite lucky to catch this, and from such a good audio vantage point, as I just happened to be up there when an announcement was made that the whistles were to be tested. I’d popped into both of the scenic elevators to leave a note (postcard) for other passengers using those lifts, to tell them that they could take these lifts to the 11th deck after dark and – if cloudless – could see lots of stars there at night as it’s the darkest point on the ship. It’s not the highest point on the ship (that’s deck 13) but that area is well-lit so too much light pollution. You need to wait a few minutes for your eyes to become dark-adapted in order to see much though.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous ship and I’m having a lovely crossing. I’m yet to hear back from anyone on-board (I’ve put in a question) about whether or not it’s even possible to see the Milky Way from the North Atlantic (the QM2 and other Cunard ships do a variety of other cruises and it’s definitely possible to see it in Dubai).

Hopefully this post works – I’m using satellite internet and this post is being sent up to satellites 44,000 miles away so it might get stuck up there.