“I’m not the only one who’s noticed that there are a whole heap of sound related things going on… there’s definitely been an increase, which is great. So I thought I’d collect some here.”

July 2013: The above was written around the time I began this blog (in 2008). The blog used to exist at Posterous but they shut it down earlier this year and I transferred it to WordPress. Ironically WordPress.com is less able to host sound files than Posterous was (Posterous was remarkable for handling any file you threw at it really) and so I’ve had to amend or trash a few of the earlier posts where the uploaded files no longer exist (because they were hosted at a site that’s now mothballed).

The blog was silent for about a year but I’ve noticed a whole load more stuff appear so I’m restarting, or da capo-ing if you will, the Sound stuff blog.

If you’re interested more in sound than music then I recommend the Everyday Listening (sonic inspiration) blog.

The next few posts will probably be about film music stuff as there’s LOADS of that coming up this year, although I think my primary enthusiasm is sound rather than music. I’m based in London so it’ll be heavily London-centric.

Contact: I’m at @JoBrodie or jo.brodie AT gmail dot com

My main blog is Stuff that occurs to me (it is rather well-named as there is no particular theme to the blog: it’s a mixture of evidence-based medical information, patients getting access to that information, science communication, skepticism, mild tech blogging about archiving the internet, Twitter and random stuff) and my science communication jobs blog is at ScicommJobs. I also have an Open Air Cinema Screens in London microsite at Google sites.

My work blog is CHI+MED (a six-year, nearly £6 million academic research project funded by the Government looking into improving the safety of interactive medical devices). I’m also project manager for the Teaching London Computing project which is funded by the Mayor of London and the Department for Education to support Computing teachers who’ll be delivering the new subject / curriculum from September 2014. I volunteer one day a week at JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) where I help out with updating their statistical information and doing a bit of science communication-y stuff, previously I worked at Diabetes UK as a Science Information Officer answering all sorts of scientific questions about diabetes from colleagues and members of the public.

I spend a lot of time noticing sounds and being enchanted by the noise that fans make – we all have our quirks 😉



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