Transport sounds

Trains, planes, boats mostly

Thames Clipper

12 August 2015

Chinook military helicopter (12 October 2016)

12 October 2016

An iPhone 5S recording made of a Chinook helicopter flying over London Eye and going very close to the pier (on which I was standing at the time) as a Thames Clipper ferry arrived. Sounds of rain as well as ferry engine sounds in the background but the Chinook sound is pretty unmistakable.

31 May 2016

Here is a low quality (sorry!) iPhone 5s sound recording, taken without wind guard, of a Chinook making its lovely noise in Greenwich.

Caledonian Sleeper (4 / 5 September 2015)

A lovely trip, departing a little before midnight on 4 September. Once the train gets going out of London we tick past midnight so some of the recordings have a 5 September datestamp, and obviously we arrive in Glasgow on the morning of the 5th.

(Fairly quiet) Before the train set off I took a recording of the air conditioning (11 sec).

(Fairly quiet) The train leaves Euston, squeaking slowly as it goes (29 sec).

(Fairly quiet) We’re going at full speed now (31 sec).

(Fairly quiet) Full speed and I think we went through a tunnel. I’m in an enclosed cabin, window shut but in the corridor at either end the windows are slightly open. The loveliest thing about the Caledonian Sleeper is when you wake up and remember that you’re on the Caledonian Sleeper (30 sec) .

(Fairly loud!) Safely arrived in Glasgow Central Station and I took a quick recording of the background hubbub. As a child I sometimes stayed with my parents in the hotel there and loved it when I could hear the seemingly distant sound of people announcing the trains, very relaxing. It’s a bit less relaxing at 7 in the morning though (11 sec).