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tl;dr version: film composer David Arnold’s doing three four six film music concerts in 2015 in Dublin (Jan), Manchester (April), Liverpool (April) and Birmingham (June)

Dublin | Manchester | Liverpool | London | Birmingham | Nottingham
22 Jan |   14 April    |  21 April  |18 June |    26 June    |     28 June

Full details at http://davidarnoldliveinconcert.wordpress.com

*****On 2 and 18 December 2014*****
On Tuesday 2 December David Arnold’s being interviewed by Tommy Pearson in the Elgar Room at Royal Albert Hall, 7pm, £11.20. Tickets have now sold out but it’s worth checking the website for returns, a couple appeared last week before being snapped up again (and also try the Box Office on 0845 401 5034).

Also on 2 December, David’s score for the film Shaft is also due to be released by La-La Land Records.

“”Shaft” is a major bullseye and it’s great to see this score get the attention it richly deserves 14 years later. Major thumbs up!” “Shaft” Soundtrack Album Review Music By David Arnold (17 December 2014)

David wrote the music for Made in Dagenham the musical which is at the Adelphi until March 2015 – it’s a joyous thing, go. If you’ve got a Visa Mastercard you can see the show on 18 December and go to the exclusive Q&A with Gemma Arterton and David Arnold. I’ve only got a Visa debit card so will have to make my own fun 🙂

He’s on Twitter @DavidGArnold.

Before we start, press play… (there are a few more clips from his concert recorded from an iPhone by Jack Chapple).

I really enjoyed his July 2014 concert at the Royal Festival Hall (YouTube clip above) and so did all the reviewers as you’ll see in this post (full list of reviews I’ve found at the end). We heard music from films he scored early in his career (Stargate and Independence Day) and of course all his James Bond films, but also more recently his work (with Michael Price) on the BBC Sherlock series and a whole lot of stuff in between. He’s been consistently brilliant 🙂

“What last night did was give an overwhelming sense of satisfaction to the audience and to highlight the versatile nature, talent and musical legacy that David Arnold has given us. I can only hope this is something that many others have the opportunity to see and listen to as he is one of the finest in the business and worthy of every bit of praise that comes his way after this London concert.”
David Arnold Live The Passionata Project

“While this event was a one-off, we hope that the composer has the bug for more, as his terrific music deserves to be heard live.”
‘David Arnold: Live in Concert’ reviewCult Box

Good news – his London concert wasn’t a one-off and he’s announced four six concerts for 2015, in Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham

Thursday 22 January 2015, 8pm
National Concert Hall, Dublin
€20-€45 (conc. €18-€40.50)
Tickets and info – Dublin

Tuesday 14 April 2015, 7.30pm
The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
£26.50 – £44.50 + VIP packages available
Tickets and info – Manchester

Tuesday 21 April 2015, 7.30pm
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
£24.50, £29.50, £37.50, £42.50, £50
Tickets and info – Liverpool

Thursday 18 June 2015, 8pm
Hall, Barbican, London
£22.50-£70 plus booking fee + VIP packages available
Tickets and info – London

Friday 26 June 2015, 7.30pm
Symphony Hall, (Town Hall & Symphony Hall), Birmingham
£24.50, £29.50, £37.50, £42.50 & £75 VIP plus transaction fee (£3)
Tickets and info – Birmingham

Sunday 28 June 2015, 7.30pm
Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
£14.50 – £37.50
Tickets and info – Nottingham

Based on the July 2014 concert I think everyone’s in for a treat again.

“The first half of the program appeared hand-selected to show off the eclectic nature of Arnold’s oeuvre. Immediately, the audience was bombarded with the heroic fanfare of his overture for the late ’90s space adventure Wing Commander. From there, the program ventured into the gorgeous, Barryesque gestures of Last of the Dogmen, the bluesy guitar of Four Brothers, the cool, understated majesty of his 2012 London Olympics Closing Medals Ceremony, the thundering monster movie heights of Godzilla, and the delirious, waltzy splendor of The Stepford Wives.”
David Arnold plays his greatest hits in his London concert debutEnjoy the crawl

Some of David Arnold's scores

“During this segment Mr Arnold unsheathed his “secret weapon”, singer David Mcalmont, who stepped onto the stage to perform Play Dead, a song made famous by Bjork. The shot was a bullseye. The target exploded. And the audience, including David Walliams, Mark Gatiss, Steve Furst, Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman, roared with excitement.”
Review: David Arnold at the Royal Festival Hallbeige

“The mood sobered briefly when Arnold assumed singing duties for a never-before-heard song from his upcoming stage musical, Made in Dagenham—a work about the late ’60s women’s rights movement in the UK. With lyrics written from the perspective of a wife and mother, this heartbreaking song was delivered by Arnold with all the passion and all the poignancy it deserves.”
David Arnold plays his greatest hits in his London concert debutEnjoy the crawl

“We enjoyed Arnold’s vocals again on the title track from The World is Not Enough, as well the unused ‘Only Myself to Blame’ from the same film, both songs written in collaboration with legendary lyricist Don Black. Arnold also performed a raw and pounding instrumental version of ‘You Know My Name’ from Daniel Craig’s debut Casino Royale.”
‘David Arnold: Live in Concert’ reviewCult Box

Incidentally his work on the Bond films has also had a nice citation in the academic literature on film music: “Arnold’s music represents an elegant integration of broad orchestral statements, big-band inspired brass, electronica, and exotic percussion. … He references the established Bond motives and gestures and, consequently, the scores sound like the contemporary continuation of a tradition. In short, Arnold fulfilled many of the unwritten rules of the Bond scores.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 23.52.02

“The star character of this memorable event however was not 007, but undoubtedly Sherlock. It is rare for any contemporary television series to have such an imaginative and well written score, which when performed last night as an orchestral suite, captivated and invigorated the entire auditorium.”
Review: David Arnold at the Royal Festival Hallbeige

So there you go, and go you should 😀

David Arnold’s film and television scores on iTunes and Amazon
If you like film music concerts in general you’ll probably like the Movies in Concert site.

Further reading
Here are the reviews for David’s July 2014 concert.

Further listening
Over the next few days a couple of David’s scores for James Bond and Hot Fuzz can be heard on UK terrestrial television – Die Another Day (10.40pm, ITV, Thursday 4 December); Hot Fuzz (9pm, ITV2, Monday 8 December & rpt 9pm, ITV2, Friday 12 December), Casino Royale (10.40pm, ITV, Friday 12 December).

Here’s Tim Burden’s interview with David on Soundcloud, shortly before the July 2014 concert